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Newest Character 




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This is a continuing story about

      Sassybritches & Mr Mann her kitty friend.

                       (It will be updated often , 

                                           so keep checking in)



                  Hell Cat,  Sassybritches ,  Alien , Chester ,

                         Dielobo , Green Ghost ,Tomtron




 It all Started one night I was feeling restless , I had just settled down for my nap when I heard this strange, kinda whirling sound . I jumped up and looked out the window . This is what I saw, He's back I would know his saucer anywhere





  Then I saw him,

               It was Hell Cat

                               He's Back !!!!



              as it got closer I saw the

   teleporter ray hit the earth







         Alien is Hell Cats sworn Enemy

                  Hell cat & Sassybritches

                   are trying to catch him






Oh---- No Globber and Alien are double teaming SassyBritches and Hell Cat






Oh---no--- who's this!!!


    Green Ghost


 I'll handel them Sassy


 I've never seen him before

 we need too be careful




 This is Green Ghost ,Sassy, I'm keeping my eye on them, There,s a guy called Trontom with Them .




 Don't forget me Tomtron  I'll help ya !


 Lets go find that crazy cat


 And the war starts, WE know they are here but what are they after:  Stay tuned and follow them weekly: